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OdelaRoquette means solidity, perseverance, and validity. We are a proud of our history and DNA that dates back to 1961. Since then, we have accompanied and advised our clients, generating knowledge that adds value and produces results. For us, each project is unique and is solved with the hallmark of the house: knowledge, passion and will to build lasting relationships.


Provokers México is now OdelaRoquette Advisory. This organic reconfiguration is being carried out to respond to today’s challenges, taking advantage of the capabilities that we have built in the last years.


Is not only a name change, but we also reinvent ourselves to harmonize with this new era by integrating in a new organization, brand & business consulting, insights and analytics solutions, putting at your disposal all the tools and processes to carry out successful projects.


From now on you can expect more from us, thanks to your trust we have been walking together the last 60 years and we will continue doing so in the future, this evolution commits us to raise and challenge our standards day by day.



César Ortega de la Roquette


Odelaroquette ADVISORY, SA de CV