Redesigning spaces

The redesign of spaces is a factor that should be taken into account both in homes and in offices; in public and private spaces. Architecture will have to mediate between emerging needs and those that develop in the long term.


Offices should adapt to the new needs: well-equipped meeting rooms that allow gatherings with physical  distance and the connection of participants online, touchless technology and having good ventilation. The open space trend that used to encourage the flow of ideas will be sacrificed in exchange of innovative modular systems that provide safety and confidence.


Home builders will have to adapt the current idea of “common spaces” such as pools, gyms and closed rooms. There will be an evaluation as to what kind of individual spaces purchasers are willing to sacrifice in exchange of natural light and family spaces such as balconies, terraces or interior courtyards.

Shopping malls and restaurants will also undergo adaptations: the trend of terraces will be on the rise and they also will have to incorporate effective security measures, green spaces and a redesign that procures healthy distance.