The paradox of location

The pandemic has generated a paradox with respect to location: on one hand, the home office, online education and [...]

Redesigning spaces

The redesign of spaces is a factor that should be taken into account both in homes and in offices; in public and [...]

The health gap

In Mexico, the spectrum of access to health goes from a minority that has the chance of being vaccinated abroad or [...]

Hybrid models

The return to a new scenario is nourished by the daily life that we knew before the pandemic and the model of life that [...]

The phenomenon of “the nenis”

The term “Neni” came up as a mockery of women who sell  on the internet and use adjectives such as “beautiful” [...]

Senior adults: dependence and autonomy

The pandemic revealed the dependence of senior adults in areas such as care and the need of support, but it also showed [...]

Hope in the vaccine

Unlike other countries, in Mexico the first stage of vaccination was experienced as a festive ritual, typical of the [...]

Personal renewal

Things like the loss of our loved ones as well as close people, isolation, the barrage of news through social networks, [...]

SMEs: Recover and reinvent themselves.

95.4 percent of SMEs in Mexico are microenterprises. Their role will be to reinvent themselves in order to adapt to the [...]

The idea of traveling

Facing the uncertainty of how long will the threat of Covid-19 will last, the hotel industry will have to adapt to [...]

Green spaces

For the urban population, the boom in indoor plants and backyard gardens symbolizes the need of green spaces with fresh [...]

Gender inequality

The empowerment discourse of many women was overshadowed by reality: in many traditional homes, despite the fact that [...]

Legends are not just for ignorants

It is believed that fake news or urban legends are just for “ignorant people” or with no education. However, the [...]

The informal economy and its reactive capacity

The creativity of the Mexican is nothing other than his adaptive instinct for survival. If face masks are needed, look [...]

Value alignment in advertising

Storytelling is still present in advertising stories. Many were based on families and the heroism of social actors, [...]

The procurement of care and self-care

Diabetes, hypertension and obesity are the most common comorbidities among COVID-19 patients. This generates concerns [...]

The digitalization of education

Digitalization of education requires a much longer adaptation process than the one that has been experienced at a [...]

The illusion of the Home Office

Before the state of emergency, Home Office was considered a kind of reward or an effort. Especially with women, it was [...]

The e-commerce experience

In the first stage of the pandemic, it was thought that consumption would be limited to the basics, since staying at [...]

Security as an issue

Insecurity  due to violence, armed robberies and organized crime in general lead out to another kind of insecurity [...]

The home as a node

Digitalization and connected individualism made that mobility and relocation allow us to access our jobs, group of [...]