Hope in the vaccine

Unlike other countries, in Mexico the first stage of vaccination was experienced as a festive ritual, typical of the Mexican idiosyncrasy.  


The vaccine, as a symbol of hope and the end of the “covid era”, made some people forget about the immunization process and they forgot to follow the post-vaccine protocols because of the excessive enthusiasm. It is important to emphasize that using face masks, hand washing and social distance will be part of the social prevention protocols for some time to come.


Although Mexico has always been a country in favor of vaccines, the influence of certain deniers, the different conspiracy theories and the brief trial periods of vaccines compared to the usual times, provoked concerns and suspicions


Mistrust in the government, the belief that some vaccines are worse than others, the chaos in certain areas of the country and different notes on the social networks about the sale and deviation of vaccines overshadowed the whole process. However, the idea that vaccination is salvation prevails.