The idea of traveling

Facing the uncertainty of how long will the threat of Covid-19 will last, the hotel industry will have to adapt to several scenarios that arise through urgent measures to mitigate the risks and long-term plans for the industry to return to normal. 


The idea of traveling drastically changed from exploring, knowing and resting to the search of “third spaces” with the possibility to combine working, escaping from routine and reconciling family habits.


The main attraction for going back to traveling will be the safety of both: the environment and the establishment. This will force the creation of joint efforts with local authorities, residents and businesses. The choice of healthy places with confidence and protection guarantees will be favored.


Travelers are likely to sacrifice the low prices that come with no-refund cancellation rates for flexibility in making last-minute cancellations and changes. The area of competition would focus on the best, most flexible offers and with features like reimbursement, change of travel dates or change of destination.