The informal economy and its reactive capacity

The creativity of the Mexican is nothing other than his adaptive instinct for survival. If face masks are needed, look for a sewing machine. If you need gel, look for a homemade recipe to sell it among people you know.


Legal loopholes and inequality encourage that by going out in order to “make a living” people engage in illicit practices or that, due to ignorance, certain products and services that do not meet quality standards are offered. However, it is important to take into account the reactive capacity of those who “did not stay at home” due to necessity or by their own decision in order to produce and distribute essential articles or needs that arose as a result of the pandemic.


Companies with questionable outsourcing strategies took advantage of these legal loopholes and they were not able to offer minimum security conditions to some of their workers. Such is the case with delivery people. It is important to create regulations on this matter. The social responsibility of companies is something that many consumers have in mind. 


Local trade and small producers have been revalued thanks to an incipient awareness of responsible consumption and the satisfaction of needs.