Hybrid models

The return to a new scenario is nourished by the daily life that we knew before the pandemic and the model of life that was generated in the Covid era. The implementation of new shopping routines, the time management and perception of space will bring about changes that try to reconcile both models: prioritizing safety but also efficiency as well as economic and social development.


Accelerated changes implied an investment in training and supplies that will have to be profitable post-covid. These changes will have to be reassessed in the new educational, economic and productive scenario, making evaluations of the processes and ways to “hybridize” in an efficient way


Before the pandemic, a practice between digital and face-to-face was beginning to be experienced. A division between online and offline each time will only be a reference nomenclature since we are able to inhabit two spaces simultaneously in a natural way. 


The digital gap will have to be corrected in order to incorporate those who have been left out. The elimination of this digital gap must be accompanied by a more equitable access to goods and services.