Security as an issue

Insecurity  due to violence, armed robberies and organized crime in general lead out to another kind of insecurity whose enemy is practically invisible.  


Insurance companies have already begun to prepare policies and extend coverage that includes COVID-19.  The uncertainty of how long the epidemic will last generates fear both for one’s own health and for the employment field. So now, in addition to a health insurance, it will be necessary to reinforce the security in retirement and also in case of unemployment. 


Regardless of COVID, in the case of Mexico, the insurance industry has vulnerability on hand since this is one of the most overlooked factors when acquiring an insurance.


The commitment to the Insurtech sector and the Omnichannel experience will become a necessity since  most of the population has had to adapt to online purchasing, regarding goods and services.


The pandemic made adjacent cases of insecurity visible. For example, risks within the home, such as accidents but also digital vulnerabilities regarding online purchases or banking transactions. Here comes the opportunity for microinsurance.