Personal renewal

Things like the loss of our loved ones as well as close people, isolation, the barrage of news through social networks, the change in working conditions, melancholy and uncertainty threw many into a deep reflection on their life and expectations, forcing them to rethink their goals. 


The idea of “reinventing yourself” is heard a lot both in the workplace and in the personal field. The “new normal” scenarios need important adaptations that go from technical skills and business opportunities to the strengthening of personal health and well-being.


The industry of well-being (wellness), was displaced by the acquisition of primary goods and services that made possible to cope with the first stage of the pandemic. Nevertheless, in “the new normal” spiritual work, connection with nature and a voluntary and temporary disconnection from technology are important for personal well-being and health.


It will be essential to offer alternatives of physical, emotional and mental rest and well-being to those that were on the primary lines against the pandemic, such as health-care professionals, but also to those who provided care for the sick, the elderly and children, those who suffered from Covid-19 and those who suffered from anxiety, stress or depression.