SMEs: Recover and reinvent themselves.

95.4 percent of SMEs in Mexico are microenterprises. Their role will be to reinvent themselves in order to adapt to the new circumstances and recover themselves. Both processes are interdependent.  


The panademic forced to an improvised and accelerated digitalization, based on common sense and everyday emergencies. After the initial “lifesaver” that digital implementation offered, a reorganization of digital strategies aimed at SMEs will be necessary, focused on optimizing and improving digital skills. 


The adaptation to the three future scenarios (face-to-face, hybrid and digital) should be a priority for the SMEs and, at the same time, an opportunity for those companies that provide business consulting, co-creation, design thinking, process engineering and exploitation of human capital services, among others, oriented toward processes and human resources. 


Financial products focused on SMEs will be needed. These should take into account economic difficulties, reluctance to take economic risks and the needs of innovation, transparency and easiness in management.