The phenomenon of “the nenis”

The term “Neni” came up as a mockery of women who sell  on the internet and use adjectives such as “beautiful” or “neni” (short for “girl” in Spanish) to refer to their female clients. However, the so-called “nenis” used the nickname to redeem themselves. These are usually women seeking to mitigate the economic effects and, even if they had been in [social] networks for some time, they came to light in times of pandemic.  


The “nenis” mix feminist values, such as economic independence and empowerment with conservative values rooted in Mexican society, like the caring mother or the search of an extra income through activities that do not distract them from household chores.


This phenomenon is highlighted by the creation of networks of female consumers, the commercial exploitation of the social networks, the use of digital marketing tools, but also by job instability,  economic and social insecurity and the lack of protection of labor rights.


The “nenis” are often referred to as women that belong to a lower-middle segment. However, the same modus operandi is carried out by women who sell products intended for middle class consumption (Thermomix, Nikken, etc.) and even real estate. The challenge is to learn from their sales and consumption strategies and to analyze how they adapt to adversity.