The health gap

In Mexico, the spectrum of access to health goes from a minority that has the chance of being vaccinated abroad or treating aggravated symptoms of Covid to those who do not have a clinic or hospital nearby.


It is expected that the range between outbreaks, infections and the appearance of new strains mark considerable changes causing, at a macro level, the opening and closing of borders to tourism and businesses, and at an intermediate level, the increasingly marked division of the socioeconomic classes. 


The health gap is more evident between those who carry a healthy lifestyle and those who don’t. Health prevention will occupy a very important place in the considerations of health-related policies and health services. The pandemic might be a good opportunity to make public and private health prevention programs available to a wider number of people. 

In addition to the psychological consequences suffered by the general population, the recovery process of the people infected involves the treatment of symptoms such as losing the sense of smell, dyspnea, muscle weakness, skin lesions or memory problems.