Legends are not just for ignorants

It is believed that fake news or urban legends are just for “ignorant people” or with no education. However, the information overload has meant that in the name of faith or science most people have fallen into theories that go from the absurd to the intricate.


Science is not an infallible discourse, its advances are based on error.  When people search for certainties and cannot find them, scientific discourse (constantly changing due to its evolutionary nature) does not offer the security that was sought. For both, the media and the service providers, caution is a fundamental premise.


Construction of identity goes through faith, beliefs and customs. Underestimating these components in advertising discourses may sometimes have a boomerang effect. On one hand, falling into lies is unacceptable but, on the other hand, making people uncomfortable with direct confrontation with their belief system might be risky. 


Truth as a part of a discourse generates comfort and security. It is important to generate credible but also responsible discourses. Spreading fake news by celebrities and influencers has a repercussion in the brands that sponsor them.