Green spaces

For the urban population, the boom in indoor plants and backyard gardens symbolizes the need of green spaces with fresh air and looking for experiences of contact and reconciliation with nature.


Relieving the feeling of confinement through small green actions in order to adapt private spaces raises awareness regarding the importance of caring and conserving the ecosystem. It also helps to reduce stress and the emotional baggage thanks to the therapeutic action of gardening and plant care.


Public spaces such as parks and gardens were revalued as long-awaited places during the months of lockdown and partial lockdown. These “Urban refugees” will be the scenario of democratization of outdoor spaces as spaces for collective recreation where social distance can be established. 


There is a new mobility wave towards less crowded cities by those that live in the capital. Before they looked for safer cities and free of violence, now they look for open spaces, close to nature, with fresh air. This will result in a nationwide reappraisal of real state.